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The Birth Village Class, ONLINE  and SELF PACED

The Birth Village Class, ONLINE and SELF PACED

To make it easy for you to get the childbirth preparation you need, Sarah and Laura have recorded all of their childbirth class sessions and put them online for you to progress through at your own pace!  Perfect for people who can't make the in-person or Zoom classes, or for those who need their class in bite-size portions. This class covers all the same material and has all the same activities as the live classes.


This class includes access to all the class material for one year from the purchase date. The material is delivered through Google Classroom, so you MUST HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT to access the class. You will be added to the google classroom after your purchase is made.


This is a 4-Unit series, designed by doulas and taught by doulas. It includes :

Unit 1: Preparing for Birth

Unit 2: How Birth Works

Unit 3: The Medical Side of Birth

Unit 4: After Baby is Born


Topics include things like: how to get evidence-based care, comfort measures for birth, what to expect from your newborn, how to care for yourself postpartum, how to give good support to the birthing person, and what to expect when giving birth in area hospitals. This series is based upon the philosophy that childbirth is a typically normal process. 


I get a lot of questions about whether this is a “natural birth class.”  The answer is that this class is designed to prepare anyone for whatever kind of birth they want.  The class contains a lot of information about how to manage the sensations of labor, how to help labor progress, and how to effectively communicate your wishes to the professionals attending your birth.  These are skills that can prepare families who are seeking a low-intervention, unmedicated birth experience, and will also be helpful for those who are sure that they want medical pain relief.


To help lower the disparately high rates of Black, Brown, and Indigenous maternal and infant mortality, we are committed to offering our classes at a free or reduced fee (you choose what’s right for you!) for families of color. Please contact us at to sign up, instead of adding to cart and purchasing.


    Because of the time and effort it has taken to put these classes together, this class is non refundable.

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