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Image by Kelly Sikkema


The In-Person Birth Village Class has six sessions that are designed to thoroughly prepare you and your support person for birth and the newborn/postpartum time.

Class 1: Preparing for Birth

  • preparing your mind and emotions for birth

  • preparing your body for birth

  • understanding labor pain

  • choosing your birth team

  • identifying your birth philosophy

Class 2: How Birth Works

  • the process of labor and birth

  • what you can do to help labor progress well

  • how to support a person giving birth

  • comfort measures for labor

  • positions for labor and birth

Class 3: The Medical Side of Birth

  • using your senses to cope with labor pain

  • what evidence-based care is and why it can be hard to get

  • common medical interventions in labor and birth

  • medical pain relief options

  • making decisions about interventions

  • communicating effectively with your health care team

Class 4: After Baby is Born:

  • how to soothe a newborn

  • the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with baby

  • newborn procedures

  • getting to know your newborn

  • caring for your postpartum body

  • safe sleep

Class 5:

  • Feeding your baby

Class 6:

  • labor rehearsal

  • review

  • building your tribe

(The Self-Paced online class is condensed into 4 Classes that cover the content for classes 1-5)

This class is designed to prepare anyone for any kind of birth.  It offers robust preparation that will help get you ready for an unmedicated, all-natural birth, if that's what you want, but it will also help prepare those who know already that they want pain medication.  The goal of this class is to help you feel confident and to help you take ownership of your birth.  You can do it!  And we can help you be ready.

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