The Birth Village Class, IN PERSON

The Birth Village Class, IN PERSON

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When you purchase this class, you are purchasing a seat for the birthing person and their primary support person.


This is a 4-Unit series, designed by doulas and taught by doulas. It includes :

Unit 1: Preparing for Birth

Unit 2: How Birth Works

Unit 3: The Medical Side of Birth

Unit 4: After Baby is Born


The classes each last 2.5 hours for 10 total hours of comprehensive childbirth preparation. Topics include things like: how to get evidence-based care, comfort measures for birth, what to expect from your newborn, how to care for yourself postpartum, how to give good support to the birthing person, and what to expect when giving birth in area hospitals. This series is based upon the philosophy that childbirth is a typically normal process. 


I get a lot of questions about whether this is a “natural birth class.”  The answer is that this class is designed to prepare anyone for whatever kind of birth they want.  The class contains a lot of information about how to manage the sensations of labor, how to help labor progress, and how to effectively communicate your wishes to the professionals attending your birth.  These are skills that can prepare families who are seeking a low-intervention, unmedicated birth experience, and will also be helpful for those who are sure that they want medical pain relief.


Classes are from 6:00pm-8:30pm on Monday nights. They are located at the Harris Center in Auburn, AL. You will recieve more details by email after you register.


    Classes are taught by practicing, certified doulas. Because childbirth is unpredictable, the instructor may be called away for a birth at the last minute. If this occurs, students will be notified immediately by email, text, or phone that class that evening has been postponed. A makeup class will be automatically scheduled for Thursday evening, same time, within the same week. If students you unable to attend this make-up class, you will be refunded as follows:

    • For one of the 4-Unit Childbirth Classes, a $50 refund will be issued to you.

    Refunds will not be issued for any reason for the 4-Unit Childbirth Classes other than instructor unavailability.

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